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    Get a head start on your Christmas shopping. See the full Maple Ridge Farms catalog by clicking on the photo to the right. When you are ready to place your Maple Ridge order, give us a call! 

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    We work closely with local businesses, schools, organizations and individuals to create a personal experience. 

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    EmbroidMe offers Local, Expert Quality to all of our Embroidery & Promo Product clients needs.

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    You have a goal, and you need a way to reach it. Your locally owned EmbroidMe Resource Center is an extension of your marketing department, and we’ll help you get results.

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    EmbroidMe offers Local, Expert Quality to all of our Embroidery & Promo Product clients needs.

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    Whether you are traveling or just hanging out with friends, a selfie stick always comes in handy. Give us a call to order your customizable selfie stick today. Click "Read More" to see a larger order form.

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EmbroidMe serves as an extension of your marketing team with on site specialists and a comprehensive resource center to provide creative ideas to help you grow your customer base, inspire your employees and increase pride and spirit.


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